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In real time, see the world of health living within your body.  The evaluation of live blood can indicate if your health regime is treating just the tip of the iceberg or supporting the deeper layers of your health.  Our Niagara Falls Naturopath, Dr. Laura Imola, uses this tool in practice to give patients a look into their health through their own blood.  

Live Blood Cell Analysis Niagara involves viewing a small sample of a patient's blood under a microscope at the time of their visit.  High magnification, and observation of the sample via computer screen, allows the doctor and patient to see red blood cells, white blood cells and the contents of the plasma surrounding the cells.  Evaluating any changes in the appearance of the red blood cells can indicate nutrient deficiencies, obstacles to nutrient absorption and changes in body chemistry.  These are the precursors to poor health.

When we understand, at a cellular level, how well a patient's health plan is working for them, we can go further in our work for preventative medicine and proactive health care.

This analysis gives important feedback about:

  • A current supplement plan
  • If a person is taking enough essential fatty acids
  • If a person's natural remedies are improving their health
  • How well they digest and absorb nutrients
  • If they are nutrient deficient
  • If they are dehydrated
  • Acidity levels and pH balance
  • The balance of good bacteria

Live blood cell analysis Niagara is a useful tool to assess change over time in a patient's health.  Once a baseline sample is collected, and a patient follows a individualized health plan, upon revaluation improvements can be noted.

Contact WIN for live blood cell analysis Niagara and arrange a time to meet Dr. Laura Imola, Naturopath Niagara Falls.  With over a decade of clinical experience and a passion for health and science, she will provides a professional health experience for her patients.