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Naturopathic Doctor Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls Naturopathic Doctor

Everything I do is to help you find your truest and best expression of health.  I have dedicated my life to help others learn, grow and understand how to keep themselves well.  

Why am I doing this, you may ask?  Using natural medicine of all things?

We all have this great potential within.

We all have this great potential within and when we are sick that potential, that spark, that energy becomes dimmer.  What's more is that every day we are faced with major influences that can also throw shade on that positive energy within.

The great thing about natural medicine is that it is the one thing that wakes up the real, authentic, pure health potential that we are all in need of and are seeking.

We can trade symptoms for optimal health.

My most favourite subject in school was physiology.  I loved understanding how our insides maintained balance.  Homeostasis was and is the name of the game.  When we align what's going on inside just right we trade...

  • Fatigue for ENERGY

  • Acne for CLEAR SKIN

  • Anxiety for CALMNESS

  • Insomnia for SLEEP

  • Hot Flashes for NO HOT FLASHES

  • Irregular Periods for REGULAR PERIODS

  • Constipation for REGULAR SOFT POOP

  • Diarrhea for REGULAR FORMED POOP

  • Frequent Infections for WHAT? I DIDN'T GET SICK THIS WINTER?!?!

If you are tired of self diagnosing, treating yourself through Dr. Google and are looking for a real live Doctor who will take you seriously, listen, understand your body and offer solutions, this is precisely how my work will help you.

Sometimes the Journey of Health Isn’t Linear

But let's get one thing straight... sometimes the journey of health isn't linear.  There may be things that are super easy and things that seem like a mountain that you'll need to climb.  But thank goodness I'm an unflappable optimist!  I will devote time, experience and enthusiasm to help you discover what you specifically need to align your insides, uncover your spark and shine your light real bright.  I am passionate about health, creating good and being of service to others.  When it come's to the journey of health... you and I...we've got this.

My hope?

To help one person at a time feel more like themselves.

To give people the tools they need to thrive and feel more alive.

To cheer people on in their journey as they feel better so they can go out and do super amazing things.

To contribute to a healthier community and ... maybe even contribute to creating a healthier world.


Invest in your health to experience a radically different level of exceptional health care.

It's true that my work is not covered by OHIP.  Similar to so many tremendously important health care services (like chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, personal training, dentistry, osteopathy and counselling) people have to pay for my services.  Some folks can use their extended health care plans to cover their visits with me.  I am deeply grateful to be able to earn a living offering this very specialized type of health care.  And you should know that I strive to help make Naturopathic Medicine as accessible as possible for everyone.  And, I do as much as I can to share my knowledge and expertise FREE of charge (*check out our WIN blog, my personal health blog, my WO Magazine articles and there's always more to come!)

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  I'm always excited for the adventures ahead.  I would be happy to help you discover your truest and best expression of health.  

With Kindness and Gratitude,

Dr. Laura Imola

Naturopathic Doctor Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls Naturopathic Doctor

Top 3 Things to Expect from a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Offerings Include...


Get the glow!  Food as medicine!  Get the skinny on what to eat!  Yes!  Yes!  Yessss!  Demystify nutrition with me.  


The question on EVERYBODY'S mind is...Is it possible that something so ultra dilute can have any effect?  You betcha!  I love using homeopathy with children, expectant moms, breastfeeding moms and the elderly.  It's gentle, safe and effective.


Thousands of years of wisdom, therapeutics and healing rolled into modern day treatment.  I offer both an evidence based and traditional approach to acupuncture treatment.


In real time, see a world of health living within your body.  The evaluation of live blood can indicate if your health regime is treating just the tip of the iceberg or supporting the deeper layers of your health.  I use this tool in practice to give patients a look into their health through their own blood.  Contact WIN for live blood cell analysis Niagara.


Conventional testing such as routine blood tests, cervical cancer screening and urinalysis exists alongside specialized testing for food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances and heavy metal toxicity.  If your medical doctor can order it, so can I... and them some!  Testing provides us with valuable information that helps put the pieces of your health picture together.


Bread making you bloated?  Feel queasy after eating quinoa?  Strawberry smoothies making you scratchy?Gain valuable nutrition knowledge through our extensive and accurate food sensitivity tests.


I can get nostalgic... but I also love to live in the now!  Our natural dispensary is my expression of these two favourite things.  Old world remedies and contemporary formulas compose our specially selected in-house dispensary.


Don't Leave Without Making Us A Part Of Your Health Care