WIN Health Solutions Niagara “Heels” Your Foot Pain

By WIN Contributor: Shauna Pierrynowski, PTA

Do you wake up in the morning dreading your first steps?  Do you have stabbing pain in your feet that may ease up as your feet get moving only to have pain come back the longer you stay on your feet?  If this sounds familiar you may be suffering from a common problem called Plantar Fasciitis.  Planter WHO?

Plantar Fasciitis (PLAN – tur – fas-e-I-tis): is a thick band that starts at your heel and stretches across the bottom of your foot.

When this thick band becomes inflamed it can cause some serious pain and discomfort.  Your fascia acts as a shock absorber supporting your arch in your foot.  If there is a lot of tension on this band it can create small tears in the fascia and having constant stress and repetition can cause the fascia to become irritated and inflamed.  There are some factors that can influence your chances of developing Plantar Fasciitis, they include:

·      Age: common 40-60

·      Faulty foot mechanics: high arch, flat foot, abnormal walking

·      Certain Types of Exercise: running, dancing, activities that cause stress on your heel

·      Obesity

·      Occupations that keep you on your feet

Well what can WIN Health Solutions do for this problem?

Our WIN Niagara Falls Physiotherapy team can teach you the proper ways to stretch out your plantar fascia and strengthen it.  We can correct your walking pattern.  We may use shockwave therapy, ultra sound or laser to help with the inflammation.  In addition, athletic tape or bracing could be options as well. Severity of cases may differ from patient to patient so if you think you suffer from plantar fasciitis book an appointment with a WIN Niagara Falls Physiotherapy team provider and kick your heal pain to the curb!