How Does Physiotherapy Help Your Running?

WIN Contributor: Tania Mannella, DPT


Just because we are made to run doesn’t make us great runners.  As a result, many runners develop injuries each year.  If we gradually increase our workload, the body responds to this positively. If we increase too quickly, our body starts to break down. 

Changes in workload can be due to a change in:

§  Distance / time / intensity of training

§  Terrain (more hills, harder ground, etc)

§  Footwear

§  Running technique


Physiotherapists will look at multiple areas to determine what caused your injury, including:


§  Your running biomechanics

§  Footwear advice suitable to your foot

§  Training load - what is good, too much, too little

§  Joint range, muscle length and overall flexibility

§  Muscle strength and control


The best way to avoid running injuries is to prevent them:

§  Perform an individually customized Warm Up & Cool Down routine

§  Wear footwear suitable for your foot structure

§  Plan your training to avoid overtraining

§  Increase your training by no more than 10% per week


Treatment for your running injury may include:


§  Acupuncture and/or dry needling to help improve muscle length and reduce pain

§  A stretching program for muscle length

§  Manual therapy for stiff joints

§  Taping to offload the injury and improve biomechanics

§  Specific exercises to strengthen weakened muscles at the foot, knee, hip and trunk, and core

§  Discussing orthotic prescription if required

§  Working with you to discuss your training regime


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