Osteopathy is an effective therapeutic treatment option that ensures mobility and stability are in proper balance. Through light touch at points along the body that address the Nervous System and the Lymphatic System, Osteopathy helps to release congestion that can interfere with the messaging from the nervous system to the muscular system.

Osteopaths not only address musculoskeletal concerns, but also can help alleviate concerns related to other disturbances in the body like the abdominal organs, diaphragm and cranial bones.

Releasing Tissue

Using ultra-sensitive touch and palpation skills, essentially using “listening hands,” an Osteopath can understand where areas need to be released, especially in areas that are not usually thought of like the ribs and diaphragm. Their techniques help to remove restrictions and bring about lymphatic flushing to help restore that area.

Certain Osteopathic treatments and techniques can also help release scar tissue, and the musculoskeletal structures that the scar tissue may be impinging.

Cranial Bones

The bones that make up the head are called the cranial bones and they are each fit together and are connected. The crainial bones need to move and the joints between them, where they connect, help the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. Osteopaths can help address cranial health, which can relieve headaches, migraines, tension and stress.

Sports, sleeping consistently on one side, and even kids who do headstands or people practicing this in yoga, can lead to a misalignment of the cranial bones.


Before and after events, athletes can gain a great deal of benefit when they work with an osteopath. They can help before to ensure their body is in balance and after to help down regulate their nervous system to relieve stress and improve recovery time. Having regular osteopathic visits can help to relieve restrictions and ensure balance head to toe.

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