Gonna make you sweat... Baby!  Our personal trainer, Scott Paul, gets every body thinking of this C&C Music Factory song.  When he's at it there's guaranteed to be sweat.   It's Scott's low impact, high intensity approach that gets people strong, helps them recover quicker and preform better.  

We like to think of Scott like a Jedi Master.  A Jedi Master that invokes dance music hits from the 90s.  Yes, he'll help you get your sweat on while working on your fitness... which is fun and will make you feel fab... And he'll also maintain the most focused, calm and cool guidance that you have ever experience.  

Scott's a friendly and approachable guy.  His zen-like approach to training comes from his years of experience in boxing and understanding of dedication, discipline and health.

He offers training for people of all fitness levels.  If you are just starting out and want direction, or an athlete looking to improve your performance, he will help you meet your goals. 

Working as a team, Scott and our WIN providers also team up to offers a rehabilitative partnership for our patients.  Together, they consult on a plan to help improve a your road to recovery from an injury or a surgery.

Do you want to work with WIN's very own Obi Wan Fitness Kenobi to get fit and feel great?  We can sense force (and the 90s music) is strong within you.  

Scott's training in action... Box Jumps... WIN Health Solutions. 

Don't Leave Without Making Your Fitness Goals Happen