As a Doctor of Physiotherapy, I help people who have injuries that cause them outward symptoms like a limp, a swollen ankle or a bruise, AND I also am passionate about treating invisible injuries.  “An invisible injury?” you might ponder… read on …

What is an invisible injury?

There are many people who have felt unwell and yet have no visible outward symptoms, normal scans and conventional tests in the clear.  This is commonly what happens when someone has sustained a concussion or is experiencing vertigo, dizziness and headaches.

These conditions do not show up on an x-ray… we can’t cast dizziness.  This is what I refer to as an invisible injury.

Many people who have experienced this type of health concern find that since there is little to no diagnostic evidence of an injury, there are limited options for their recovery.  I’m here to tell you that there are many options to reset and rebalance your body so you can get back to feeling healthy again. 

Through my specialized training in Vestibular Rehabilitation, I am devoted to opening a world of possibility and real solutions for people experiencing vertigo, dizziness, visual changes and loss of balance. 

Vestibular Health Concerns

Vertigo, dizziness, loss of balance and the associated changes can be related to our Vestibular Health.  Secondary symptoms include nausea, vomiting, reduced ability to concentrate and/or fatigue.  These symptoms can greatly impact your quality of life and aspects to daily living. 

You may be inclined to rest and “wait it out” to avoid bringing on, or worsening, the dizziness and imbalance.  However, taking a sedentary approach can decrease muscle strength and flexibility, increase joint stiffness and reduce your stamina.  This is the opposite of what you need during a time of healing!

In my practice, I motivate people to take a proactive approach when treating their symptoms of vertigo.  Time and time again, this is the best way to get you feeling better, faster.

What Is Vestibular Rehab Niagara Falls?

The vestibular system gives us our sense of balance and spatial orientation.  It helps to coordinate muscles and eye control needed to keep us balanced and upright. 

I take the time to listen to your concerns and symptoms to best understand your specific condition.  Together we discuss the common causes of your symptoms and develop a unique individualized treatment plan utilizing both manual techniques and exercises.

As an avid sports enthusiast, a person who has had my own fair share of “invisible” sports injuries, and a Physiotherapist, I understand the importance of giving you strategies and support so you can feel your best.  I am devoted to helping you with your health concerns, and I am dedicated to getting you off the revolving door of vertigo symptoms and get back onto balanced ground once again.

Yours In Health,

Jennifer Lapierre, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physiotherapy Niagara Falls