Check out our collection of videos of health tips, information and demonstrations from our team of professionals.


Dr. Laura Imola's Immune Support For Kids

Dr. Laura Imola shares the most essential basics to keeping your child's immune system strong.


Tania Mannella, Doctor of Physiotherapy, Easy Core Strengthening

Tania Mannella, Doctor of Physiotherapy, shows you how to use a simple exercise ball to practice simple exercises to strengthen your core.


Scott Paul, Personal Trainer Niagara, Push Up Variation

Check out our Personal Trainer, Scott Paul, demonstrate the many variations for Push Ups.  Getting strong is never boring with Scott since he has a so many new takes on the most classic strengthening exercises.


Dr. Matthew Bird's Three Easy Steps For Your Best Posture

Dr. Matthew Bird discusses how good posture can improve your health... and shares three easy and practical ways to create your best posture. 


Dr. Laura Imola's Super Skin Video

Dr. Laura Imola shares an age old practice that has promoted healthy glowing skin for generations in many cultures.


Tania Mannella, Doctor of Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Webinar

This full webinar from Tania Mannella, Doctor of Physiotherapy, reviews how Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is an effective non-invasive option to address urinary incontinence, urinary frequency, dyspareunia and many more female and male genitourinary concerns.


Box Jumps with Scott Paul

Gaining strength and coordination while training with Scott, soaring to new fitness heights with box jumps can become a reality.


Dr. Nicholas Slowinski on Shoulder Strengthening For The Rotator Cuff - Part 1

Dr. Nicholas Slowinski discusses three effective exercises that can strengthen the rotator cuff.


Dr. Nicholas Slowinski on Shoulder Stability Exercises - Part 2

Dr. Nicholas Slowinski shares a few more tips and variations on exercises focused on strengthening shoulder stability.


Dr. Laura Imola On How To Eat More Vegetables With Less Digestive Distress

Eating healthier means eating more vegetables, but some people find they have a tough time with this.  Dr. Laura Imola offers recommendations to optimize digestion so you can enjoy eating more vegetables.


Tania Mannella & Jenn Lapierre, Doctors of Physiotherapy, Share Exercises For The Third Trimester

Feeling optimal at the end of your pregnancy is an essential part of ensuring your ready to welcome your new baby.  Check out these easy exercises you can do during the third trimester of your pregnancy.


Scott Paul, Personal Trainer, Push Up Variations

With his extensive experience and knowledge of fitness, Scott demonstrates variations of this classic exercise.


Dr. Matthew Bird Shares What To Expect From A Chiropractor

Learn about what to expect when you have a visit with a WIN Health Solutions Chiropractor.


Dr. Laura Imola Discusses If Yogurt Is A Source Of Probiotics

If you equate a daily dose of probiotics with eating yogurt every day, find out if this is actually an effective way to get probiotics.


Tania Mannella, Doctor of Physiotherapy, Application of Kinesiotape

Check out this neat video of three different applications of kinesiotape in Physiotherapy with Tania Mannella.


Karen Evers, Registered Kinesiologist & Physiotherapy Assistant Gives Her Top Three Exercises For A Strong Booty

Karen Evers, R. Kin & PTA, shares three easy to do exercises to help strengthen and tone the gluteal muscles.


Scott Paul, Personal Trainer - Top 3 Things To Expect When Training At WIN

Scott Paul, Personal Trainer, shares the top three things to expect when you train with him at WIN Health Solutions.


Dr. Laura Imola Talks The Health Debate Over Coconut Oil

There was quite a buzz about Coconut Oil... Here's Dr. Laura Imola's opinion!


Dr. Jennifer Lapierre On How Physiotherapy Can Help Vertigo

Many people are affected by vertigo or vestibular health concerns.  Find out how Physiotherapy can help.


Dr. Laura Imola's Top Three Things To Expect From A Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Laura Imola has her own approach when working with patients seeking Naturopathic health care.  Here's her top three things to expect when visiting a Naturopathic Doctor.


Tania Mannella, Doctor of Physiotherapy, Offers The Top Three Things To Expect From A Physiotherapist

Tania Mannella, Doctor of Physiotherapy, has her own unique style of offering Physiotherapy.  Learn more here about what to expect when you are working with Tania to address your healthcare needs.


Dr. Laura Imola Shares Her Top 5 Immune Boosters 

Looking for extra support during the cold and flu season?  Check out Dr. Laura's Top 5 Immune Boosters.


Dr. Laura Imola's Natural Allergy Relief

You can address seasonal allergies without allergy medication.  Find out more about Dr. Laura's approach to natural treatment of seasonal allergies.